What is a proper specimen?

A specimen is a sample of how you actually use your mark with the goods and/or services identified in your application in the commercial marketplace.

The USPTO typically accepts the following specimens for goods:

  1. A photograph of the product showing the mark directly on the product (e.g., the bottom of a coffee mug)
  2. Product labels and tags showing the mark (e.g., the label on a t-shirt)
  3. Product packaging showing the mark (e.g., detergent soap packaging)
  4. Signage used in a product display at a store (e.g., a photograph of the display)
  5. A webpage showing or describing the product near the mark and with purchasing information (e.g., a webpage showing a photograph of a computer laptop, the mark for the laptop appearing above the photograph, the price appearing below the photograph, and a shopping cart button/link appearing on the page)

The USPTO typically accepts the following specimens for services:

  1. Print or Internet advertising
  2. Brochures and leaflets
  3. Menus for restaurants
  4. Business cards and letterhead with a reference to the services
  5. Marketing materials
  6. A photograph of business signage and billboards
  7. A photograph of a musical band performing with the bandís name displayed during the performance (e.g., on the bandís drum)
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