What is an office action?

After the USPTO receives a trademark application, an examining attorney may issue an office action to notify the applicant of a problem with the application. The office action will explain why registration is being refused and/or what requirements must be satisfied. In most cases, the applicant must respond to an office action within 6 months from the date the office action is issued or the application will be abandoned.

Office actions are relatively common and can be overcome in a majority of the cases by properly responding to each issue addressed in the action. An office action response may be as simple as a phone call to the examining attorney or as complex as a multi-page legal document explaining, in depth, why the applicant should receive registration. Lengthy substantive office action responses are appropriate for refusals based on a likelihood of confusion, merely descriptive, genericness, primarily a surname and geographic descriptiveness.

If you need to respond to an office action, our team of attorneys has the expertise to evaluate and handle any issue before the USPTO.

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