Trademark Monitoring

Trademark owners are often under the false impression that, after securing and registering their trademark with the USPTO, they can rely on the domestic and foreign trademark offices to stop confusingly similar marks from entering the marketplace. Since the USPTO will only block the registration of confusingly similar marks, the actual use of unregistered and unauthorized use of your trademark will go unabated. An effective brand management program requires constant effort and investment to identify and stop potential trademark infringement.

Our comprehensive trademark watch service works by monitoring trademark applications and common law databases for identical and confusingly similar trademarks. One of our trademark attorneys will review your trademark reports every week and alert you if a potential issue arises. We can tailor our service to watch certain geographic regions and databases.

  • Nationwide
  • Worldwide
  • Individual Countries
  • European Union
  • Federal Trademark Applications
  • State Trademark Applications
  • Domain Names
  • Common Law Uses
  • Corporate Filings

We recommend that you setup a trademark watch service immediately following the registration of your trademark. Call us toll free at (888) 501 – 5743 or write us on our contact page to get started today!