Trademark Revival

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) "abandons" a trademark application whenever the applicant fails to timely file a response to an office action. A trademark application may also become abandoned if the applicant does not file an extension of time or a statement of use within 6 months from the notice of allowance.  "Abandoned" means that the application is no longer pending and, therefore, cannot mature into a registration.

An applicant may revive an abandoned application if the delay was unintentional and a petition for revival is filed within two months from the notice of abandonment.

Our application revival service can help you recover an abandoned application and continue with your trademark examination.

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Trademark Revival
  • * All services will be performed by a licensed trademark attorney
  • We will call you to verify your information and answer any questions regarding this service
  • A trademark attorney will review and file your petition for revival
  • Responses to all procedural office actions regarding the Petition for Revival
  • Track all future deadlines and send reminders when they are approaching

+ $100 gov't fee