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Research: Our trademark search service, either by itself or in conjunction with our registration service, includes a comprehensive search of federal, state and common law sources. If our attorney finds a conflict with the mark or the mark lacks the necessary distinctiveness for registration, you will have 60 days to submit a new mark for use in the complementary secondary search. The new mark can be a logo, word mark, slogan or any other source identifier.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in trademark clearance but, given the subjective nature of an examiner’s opinion, we make no guarantees that our clearance will result in registration.

This service is designed for businesses looking to check the availability of proposed marks before committing to any particular mark. You will have 14 days, from clearance of your mark, to sign-up for our full registration service for an additional $646 plus government fees.

Registration: After performing a trademark search for your proposed mark, a trademark specialist will call you to verify your information and discuss the expectations of your requested service. We will also discuss the results of our search and answer any questions you may have.

If the specialist finds a conflict with another mark, you will have 60 days to submit a new mark for registration at no additional cost. If both searches reveal a conflict with another trademark, your $275 filing fee will be refunded; however, your trademark registration fee is non-refundable.

If either your first or second trademark search reveals a problem due to a lack of distinctiveness, you have three options for proceeding with your application: use of our complimentary secondary search (for first search refusals), amend the application to seek registration on the supplemental register, or request a refund of your $275 filing fee.

The USPTO filing fee for trademark registration is $275 for a TEAS application and $225 for a TEAS Plus application. If we are able to use the TEAS Plus system for you filing, The Trademark Source will still charge $275, of which $225 will be used for the filing fee and the remaining $50 will be earned by The Trademark Source.

If an office action issues for ANY application submitted by The Trademark Source, we will respond to the office action at no additional cost. This includes both procedural and substantive office actions. If the examiner maintains a final decision on the office action, appeals will not be included in the cost of the registration and may be sought on an hourly fee basis. The registration service does not include responses to third party objections.


The Trademark Source represents clients throughout the United States on a variety of trademark issues in federal court, state court and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Our attorneys are licensed in Florida and New York, as well as multiple federal districts. Our enforcement and protection service is typically conducted on an hourly basis but flat fee and contingency fee representation may also be available.